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Sunlight Labs’ New Open API and Why You Should Care

More news on the Open Gov API front from Sunlight Labs

The National Data Catalog went live last week. Now we would like to share a little bit about our API and how it fits into our platform. The National Data Catalog (NDC) is an open source catalog for government data sets and APIs. Our goal is to have it encompass all data released by or about governments in the United States. This includes federal, state, and local jurisdictions. The NDC will harness the community of users interested in open government data. 

Their announcement has lots of cool, geeky details for developer types. Here's the most relevant information from an end-user perspective:

The richest user experience is available with the National Data Catalog web app. It is geared towards the general public, but with a focus on researchers, reporters, investigative journalists, and lovers of data far and wide. 

Some of you may be wondering why you should care about open APIs. Read my last post for more context. Very briefly, they allow third parties to repurpose, manipulate and do all kinds of interesting — and sometimes unexpected — things with the data.  As OpenPlan explains, "Open APIs allow for software developers to create novel data-driven applications, and those in turn create more direct, responsive relationships with citizens."  

The potential is huge especially when you consider that technologists like Robert Scoble think the future of the web will be API-driven.

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