Government 2.0 Resources

This resource is aimed at aggregating the various news, information, resources and people connected to the Government 2.0 / Open Government movement.  It is a humble work in progress! I’ve barely touched the surface and welcome your thoughts and additions.

Many thanks to Adriel Hampton for his suggestions, many of which are listed on his Gov 2.0 Radio site.  (Where I steal his language, I’ll notate , *AH.) Feel free to share and disseminate widely.

Thought Leaders: Outside Government

Tim O’Reilly | @timoreilly | O’Reilly Radar Gov 2.0 heavyweight.  Originator of the concept, “Government as Platform.” His company, O’Reilly Media, puts on Gov2.0 Exp and Summit.

Laurel Ruma | @laurelatoreilly | O’Reilly Community Twitter bio: “Gov 2.0/open government evangelist at O’Reilly Media. Co-chair of Gov 2.0 Expo 2010.” Laurel was one editors of Open Government: Collaboration, Transparency, and Participation in Practice

Ariel Hampton | @adrielhampton | Adriel Hampton: Wired to Share | Government 2.0 Radio “Adriel Hampton is a journalist, Gov 2.0 and new media strategist, public servant, and licensed private investigator.” Host of Government 2.0, active, smart blogger and tweeter.

Alex Howard | @digiphile | O’Reilly Radar digiphile (personal blog)

Ellen Miller | @EllnMllr Twitter bio: “Co-Founder and ED of Sunlight Foundation. Also founder of Center for Responsive Politics and Public Campaign. Money, power, influence and transparency expert.”

Jen Palka | @pahlkadot Twitter bio: “Founder and ED of Code for America. Mom. Keeper of chickens.”

Craig Newark | @craignewmark | cnewmark Founder of; Gov2.0 advocate.

Anil Dash | @anildash | Expert Labs (blog) | bio: “Director of Expert Labs, a new non-profit organization that helps regular people share their ideas with policy makers in the U.S. federal government.”

Philip Aschlock | @philipashlock | personal website Leader on Open311, empoyed at OpenPlan.

Thought Leaders: Inside Government

TwitGov Website “hosts the world’s largest list of government agencies and elected officials on Twitter, tracking state/local, federal, contractors, media, academics, non-profits and government outside of the U.S.”

Vivek Kundra From Wikipedia, “first Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the United States of America, appointed by President Obama on March 5, 2009.” Launched Apps for Democracy,

Beth Simone Noveck | Cairns Noveck is on leave as a professor at New York Law School and currently leads President Obama’s Open Government Initiative as deputy chief technology officer for open government. She is the mastermind behind peer-to-patent, the federal government’s first open social networking project

Bill Schrier | @billschrier | The Chief Seattle Geek Blog Seattle’s Chief Information Officer; proponent of open data.

Jeffrey Levy | @levyj413 | Government 2.0 Beta Twitter bio: “EPA Web Manager, Gov’t 2.0er, Federal Web Managers Council, Social Media Subcouncil Co-Chair”

Government Trade Journals

GovLoop currently has a list of over 20 government trade magazines.

Academic Articles

Jochen Scholl, a professor at University of Washington’s iSchool, updates an eGov EndNote library with over 3,500 references to peer-reviewed work. [Disclaimer: I helped update this as a graduate assistant in the spring of 2010.]

Using Social Media to Increase Civic Engagement in U.S. Federal Agencies 86 page paper by then Harvard Kennedy School students, Yasmin Fodil and Anna York.


Code for America Non-partisan, non-political organization that “helps city governments become more transparent, connected and efficient by connecting the talents of cutting-edge web developers with people who deliver city services and want to embrace the transformative power of the web to achieve more impact with less money.”  Founded by JenPahlka; Tim O’Reilly is a board member and Clay Shirky sits on the board of advisors.

Expert Labs New non-profit organization that helps regular people share their ideas with policy makers in the U.S. federal government.Expert Labs is part of the American Association for the Advancement of Science — the folks who publish the journal Science — and is supported by a grant from the MacArthur Foundation, which means we can work closely with the White House and agencies across the federal government while still being non-partisan and independent. ~ via Anil Dash, executive director

Knowledge As Power Seattle-based non-profit allows citizens and advocacy groups to easily track bills in non-legalese language “Shines the light of transparency on money politics by illuminating who contributed to which politician and how we or she subsequently voted.” ~ Beth Simone Noveck, Wiki Government

OpenPlan: Non-profit organization involved with Open Data and Open Government Strategies.

Sunlight Labs “The Sunlight Foundation uses cutting-edge technology and ideas to make government transparent and accountable.” It’s also a think tank, a campaign for open gov, a data-driven investigative organization, and an open source technology community


*In researching Gov 2.0events, I did some poking around on Twitter asking if anyone was tracking Gov 2.0 events. Alex Howard (@digiphile) responded saying he was, but didn’t have a link available (yet) and suggested keeping an eye on GovLoop events. Here are some of the big ones I know about:

Gov2.0 Expo | @gov2events O’Reilly Media “technology conference and expo for 21st Century government.” It aims to “give government employees and contractors access to the practical tools, in-depth training, and industry contacts needed to answer the new mandate for transparency, efficiency, and cost containment”

Gov2.0 Summit | @gov2events O’Reilly Media “senior-level event [which] seeks to help bring the principles and technologies of Web 2.0 to bear in the practice of governing, to help government at all levels overcome the significant challenges our nation faces.” Invitation only.

Open Gov West | @OpenGovWest Twitter bio: “A 2-day open government conference hosted at City Hall Seattle. Bringing Pacific NW governments & citizens together to create open gov standards, collaboration.” Founded by Sarah Schacht and part of  Knowledge as Power, another organization Schacht founded.

Personal Democracy Forum “Technology is changing politics.”

Women in Gov 2.0

100+ Women in Government & Technology A list compiled by Sarah Granger (@sairy) broken up into the following areas 1) Government staff, Gov 2.0/government tech public sector 2) Elected Officials involved with Gov 2.0 efforts 3) Writers, bloggers, other media, government & tech conference organizers 4) Gov 2.0/government tech, consultants in the private sector

Women in Gov2.0 Twitter List Sarah Granger’s Twitter list of “women working in gov20, egov, opengov, opendata.”


Open Government: Collaboration, Transparency, and Participation in Practice edited by Daniel  Lathrob and Laurel Ruma. “A collection of 34 essays written by a wide variety of people who are interested in both promoting the philosophy of open government and in suggesting practical ways to implement procedures that will assist in applying that philosophy.” ~Amazon Reviewer

Wiki Government: How Technology Can Make Government Better, Democracy Stronger, and Citizens More Powerful by Beth Simone Noveck.  “In explaining how to enhance political institutions with the power of networks, it offers a fundamental rethinking of democracy in the digital age.” ~Amazon Product Review.  Noveck examines in depth the theoretical framework of collaborative democracy and a case study for peer-to-patent


Apps for Democracy. Initiative by Viveck Kundra, Obama appointed CIO.  “Contest that challenged citizens, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector to develop new software applications to make the government’s data more accessible and useful for the general public and the government and, in so doing, to be ‘co-creators of government'”

DataMasher | @DataMasher. Created by Forum One Communications. Winner off the second Apps for America competition sponsored by Sunlight Labs. “DataMasher helps citizens have a little fun with those data by creating mashups to visualize them in different ways and see how states compare on important issues. Users can combine different data sets in interesting ways and create their own custom rankings of the states.”

iLiveAt. “Winning entry in Apps for Democracy…. This application mashes up a wide Range of local data to provide a picture of live at any given address in D.C.”  ~ Beth Simone Noveck, Wiki Government. Categories include Errands, Crime and People.

FixMyStreet. [United Kingdom] Website that allows users to “report, view, or discuss local problems like graffiti, fly tipping, broken paving slabs, or street lighting.” Data you knowingly enter is sent to the council on your behalf.

GovLuv Use Twitter to communicate with your elected officials

SeeClickFix. Website that allows anyone to report non-emergency issues (graffiti, pot holes etc),  “communicates the problem to the appropriate government agency and marks the problem on the map.”

Gov 2.0 Networks

Ambtenaar 2.0 netwerk Web 2.0 en de overheid (The Netherlands) *AH

GovLoop Social networking cite for the “government community.” It’s like Facebook, but for government employees and those interested in open government.

Blogs, News, and Information

Andrea Di Maio A top Government 2.0 blog by a Gartner analyst, with an international approach *AH

AriWriter Ari Herzog’s blog on social media strategy. *AH [He is a city councilor in Newburyport, Massachusetts, serving a two-year term that began January 2010. ]

Canadian Public Service Renewal ‘Scheming virtuously’ with a pair of Canadian federal public servants *AH

Candi on Content Passionate about improving the way government serves citizens *AH

Cheeky Fresh

Citizen Tools It’s up to us

Craig Newmark The Craigslist founder has become a key advocate for Gov 2.0 and our veterans *AH

DorobekInsider Federal News Radio’s Chris Dorobek, host of the Daily Debrief *AH

E-Democracy Project E-Democracy.Org builds online public space in the heart of real democracy and community *AH

Generation Shift Andrew Krzmarzick: Paving the path for the next generation of government *AH

Government 2.0 Radio “Taking Government 2.0 – collaborative and transparent governance – LIVE and worldwide.” Hosted by Adriel Hampton.

GovFresh Gov 2.0 news, ideas and info. *AH

Governing People An online community for advocates of smarter government. *AH

Government 2.0 Beta A blog by Jeffrey Levy, the EPA’s pioneering social media and Gov 2.0 champion. *AH

GovTwit blog Steve Lunceford’s blog for the world’s largest directory of official Twitter accounts. *AH

MiXT Media Maxine Teller: the convergence of media, innovation, communications, society and technology *AH

OhMyGov! Exposing governments wonders and blunders *AH

Open Budgets Blog Citizen participation in the government budget process improves the quality and responsiveness of government budgets. *AH

Shepherd’s Pi Thoughs from Lewis Shepherd, Director of Microsoft’s Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments. *AH

Social Media Strategery Steve Radick’s blog from his echnology and consulting firm, Booz Allen Hamilton, a global strategy and technology consulting firm. Radick is one of the leads for thier social media/Government 2.0  practice.

Wired to Share Adriel Hampton’s blog on Creating Gov 2.0 and Social Media *AH

WorldBlue Unleashing human potential and inspiring freedom by championing the growth of democratic organizations worldwide *AH

Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Subcouncil Web 2.0 governance policies and best practices (*AH)

State of Utah Social Media Guidelines (pdf) *AH

Roanoke County Social Media policy (pdf) *AH

The Air Force Social Media Guide (pdf) *AH

State of Delaware Social Media Policy (pdf) *AH

MuniGov 2.0 Guide to Second Life *AH

Twitter Lists

Cool Feds Federal govies making awesome happen*AH

Global Gov 2.0 Gov 2.0 practitioners from around the world *AH

Gov 2.0 Radio Guests of Gov 2.0 Radio *AH

GovLoop Rockstars Folks who keep GovLoop rocking *AH

Women in Gov2.0 Sarah Granger’s Twitter list of “women working in gov20, egov, opengov, opendata.”


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